The relationships we've built, plus our integrity, experience and ability to affect each owner's bottom line has led us to a quiet success as Lincoln's best choice for rental management.


Property Owners

"I originally became a property owner when my father passed away and the duplexes were then owned by my mother. I needed to step in and help her manage them, but I live out of town, and managing the property is not really something I wanted to do. Keith handles all the bookkeeping, apartment showing and maintenance. He is a dream to work with. He only calls when he needs to, keeps his word and makes our life easier. Best of all, he tells us about not only problems, but a verity of options to choose from to solve them. My mother just gets a check in the mail." - Jim S.


"My real estate agent told us about Keith and Best Choice when the house wasn't selling and we needed to find renters. Best Choice takes away the uncomfortable aspects of working with renters. He rented our place very quickly." - Dennis B.


"I can always count on Keith and Jarod to keep their word and follow through. They take care of all the problems associated with our rental property. They are honest, too—just good folks! Best Choice has a good way of screening tenants, and they know how to keep tenants for a long time." - Ken Stickney


"When we moved out of town, we had to find someone fast to manage our property. A friend told us about Keith and Best Choice. We had a very positive feeling at the first meeting, and now we think they are a godsend." - Charli M.


"I ran my own rental business, and I wasn't looking for a manager, but my financial planner suggested I talk with Keith Morris. Now I trust Keith and Best Choice to run my rentals the way I would run them myself, and it saves me a lot of time. Best Choice takes care of business." - Chuck H.

Real Estate Agents

"Sometimes my sellers just can't find buyers, and I'm happy to refer them to Keith Morris and Best Choice to manage the properties as a rentals. The property owners I've referred to Keith say he's solid. He keeps the properties rented, gets the rent coming in on time, handles all the calls and keeps tenant churn low. If the owners decide to try selling again down the road, Keith always refers them back to me. Best Choice does good work and keeps folks happy, and I'll keep referring my clients to them." - Lynn S.

Renters/ Residents

"I've only been renting for a couple of months from Best Choice. I found the place in the newspaper. So far, they have done everything they said they would. Keith is a nice, honest guy and this is a good property." - Jon