The relationships we've built, plus our integrity, experience and ability to affect each owner's bottom line has led us to a quiet success as Lincoln's best choice for rental management.

FOR RENTERS - How Much We Care

Not your Normal Landlord

Being a renter has its advantages. But the disadvantages, if you have a difficult landlord, can outweigh all of the good things. We are proud to say Best Choice is different. The very foundation of our company is caring about people. We treat renters like people, not faceless occupants of the houses, duplexes and apartment buildings we manage. We fix things fast, and you can talk directly to Keith Morris, the owner of the management company, or his son Jared when you need to—unlike bigger rental companies, where you are forced to talk with employees who have no authority to answer your questions. In fact, we return all calls within 24 hours.

Best of all, Best Choice doesn't manage properties that aren't good, safe places you would be proud to live. We treat each property as if it was our own home, and work with owners of properties to make improvements before they're needed, which makes them prime places to live. For owners, that means there is less tenant turnover and better profit. For renters, that means you'll be so happy with your home, you might never want to move!