The relationships we've built, plus our integrity, experience and ability to affect each owner's bottom line has led us to a quiet success as Lincoln's best choice for rental management.


Unique Partnership Benefits Customers

We've learned there are other professionals in the world who can benefit from the Best Choice way of doing business. Most of the time, we focus our attention on our favorite owners and renters (all of them). But, in the following ways, we can help our colleagues—many of whom then refer us to our next new owner or renter. We believe by helping each other, we all win.

  • Real estate agents: We help turn sellers' homes into worry-free rentals until the market is optimum for sale. Although we must maintain a realtor's license to operate as a management company, and we do sell homes very rarely, our passion is full-time management. We refuse to compete with our referral partners. We won't list a house you've referred to us. We refer back to you. Ask about ways this unique arrangement opens doors to more profit for everyone!
  • Real estate buyers: We provide real estate referral partners with buyers from the Best Choice stable of renters when tenants are ready to buy - unless they are already spoken for by one our realtor partners.
  • Investment counselors: We help investors manage properties for consistent income, as well as tax benefits, to round out their portfolios.
  • Loan officers: Best Choice's reputation for low tenant churn and well-maintained properties helps support loan quality—and even prevent foreclosure.


Call Best Choice today to learn more about ways we can help you reach your business goals.