The relationships we've built, plus our integrity, experience and ability to affect each owner's bottom line has led us to a quiet success as Lincoln's best choice for rental management.

For Rental Property Owners - What We Do

Professionalism…Personal Attention

Hire Best Choice to manage your rental properties, and you'll experience a greater confidence in your investment…fewer hassles…even pride in your properties. Because we are both experienced and family-owned, we can provide a unique level of combined service that offers the same benefits both large and small management companies offer.


Big-Company Benefits

  • 3 Decades of Experience
  • Superior maintenance
  • Attention to detail
  • Quality tenant selection
  • Efficient business processes

We choose properties most likely to succeed—and turn so-so properties into producing assets.


Small-Company Benefits

  • Focus on relationships
  • Dedicated to long-term service
  • We listen, then act responsibly
  • We work to understand your goals
  • Hand-picked contractors

We have the time, interest & culture to truly understand and care about the people who own and lived in the properties we manage.

As a property owner, your interaction with Best Choice most likely will consist of a series of efficient letters, e-mails, and phone calls—always personable, direct and focused on solutions, rather than problems. Best of all, you get to talk with CEO Keith Morris or a family member, who can take action immediately.